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Exam 5 review - Trade promotion methods(cooperative...

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Exam 5 review Promotion Mix (tools) Promotion Mix Match  Advantages and Disadvantages of PM Objectives of Promotion Tools Types of Advertising (Institutional, Pioneer, Comparative…) Criticisms Types of Sales Promotion Tactics/Methods Premiums, coupons, pop, samples, demonstatration, rebates, contests, sweepstakes Promotion budget Methods ( objective/task, percent of sales, competitve matching) Steps of personal selling
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Unformatted text preview: Trade promotion methods (cooperative advertising, dealer listings, buy back, push money, …) Public relation tools Measurement of Effectiveness Pricing Strategies (skimming, penetration, psychological, odd-even, bundle, professional, multiple, bait, price leader, price objectives-mkt share, roi, max profit, . . Buzz marketing, viral marketing, direct advertising, pioneer advertising...
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  • Spring '10
  • Viral marketing, Promotion Mix Match, Promotion budget Methods, Sales Promotion Tactics/Methods, Trade promotion methods, Public relation tools

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