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EXAM_3 (11,12,13,14) 2009 Concepts - Product Positioning...

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CONCEPT REVIEW EXAM #3 - CHAPTERS 11, 12, 13, and 14 Product Product Classification Consumers (convenience, shopping goods – homogeneous and heterogeneous, specialty, unsought) Product Item Product Line Product Mix Width and Depth of the Product mix Product Life Cycle (stages i.e. what stage is profit maximized, what stage does sales peak, when do sales start to decline, when does the competition start to enter, …) Product Adoption Process (5 stages) Product Adopter Categories Product Failures Line Extensions Ways to Modify Products Phases of New Product Development (idea generation, screening, concept testing, business analysis, product development, test marketing, commercialization)
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Unformatted text preview: Product Positioning Perceptual Map Brand Brand Name, Brand mark Trade Name Trademark Levels of Brand Loyalty Brand Equity Manufacturer Brands/ Private Brands (private brands, dealer brands, store brands are other names used interchangeably with private brands) Generic Brands Name tips and effects (i.e. psychological effects of names) Individual Branding Family Branding Co-Branding Brand Licensing Packaging Functions Secondary-Use Packaging Innovative Packaging Multiple Packaging Criticisms of Packaging Labeling Service Service Facts Characteristics of Service (intangibility, inseparability, perishability, heterogeneity...
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