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Crank Yousif Alghazali 4-7-10 Group B 5 th hour Kristina is doing well so far she has stopped doing drugs for while. She cusses at her mom when she is not feeling well, for example when she was calling her for dinner. At the beginning she did not care about school she was doing drugs when she feels like it. At this point I think of Kristina as a slut because she does not respect her mom. She would snort crack whenever she would feel like it. Kristina is facing some problems till this point. She could not stop snorting crack no matter what she tries to do to stop. She cussed at her mother which made Kristina’s mother very upset at her. Kristina was saving money to buy a car but she is going to spend it all on crack which she thinks is not a good thing to do. Chase is now starting to think that Kristina does not like him at all. Till this point the best thing that I like about the book, is that Kristina is now starting to try to good in school. She got accepted into an Honors class which she is excited about. She is trying to
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Unformatted text preview: find a way to stop doing drugs in any way. Another thing that I like about the book is that Kristina apologizes to her mom. Kristina said something bad to her mom and then said sorry that she called her that. What I do not like about the book is that she does not respect her mother as much as she should have. At the beginning Kristina did not care about anything else but snorting crack. She only wanted to have sex with her boyfriends. Kristina was saving up money for a car but she chose to spend it on crack which is a stupid thing to do. What I think is going to happen in the book is that she would lose her v with Brandon. I also think that Kristina is going to break up with Chase. I think that she would have a kid with Brandon. I think that Kristina would eventually forget all about Adam and would move on with her life. Up to this point I think that enjoying this book would be difficult but I will eventually like this book....
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