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Food Service Experience - sure that the orders that are...

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Food Service Experience: Week 3 Checkpoint The last establishment that my son and I went to eat at was Mimi’s Café. We always like to eat there because of the variety they provide on the menu, and the service is always perfect. This time around the service is less than what we normally received. It took the server a long time to acknowledge us and even ask what we wanted to drink, and when we did get our drinks had to ask for refills on our drinks several times before we even received them. When we got our order it was wrong and I had to return my plate to the kitchen. If I was able to take over as management at this establishment, I would make sure that that this server was better trained before letting her be on her own on the floor. I would make
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Unformatted text preview: sure that the orders that are going into the kitchen were properly expedited and that the customer was being well taken care of. Also, if I was part of the management team of this establishment I would make sure that there is enough staff on the floor to be prepared for any kind of rush that may occur. Regardless of the service it is the outcome that matters the most, and although, there are few things that I would like to address and change at this establishment, there is always something that we can think we can do better or make better. We as hospitality persons we have an eye that sees between the cracks of the establishment and we can see the imperfections lot more clearly than the non-hospitality minded person....
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