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It’s simple really the difference between Muslim and an Arab; a Muslim is a person who worships Islam, and an Arab is a person who comes from one of the 22 states of the “League of Arab States.” I thought this quote from our reading on page 284 explained it all. “…Many Arabs are not Muslims, and most Muslims are not Arabs.” After September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush made a statement about that he will not condone violent acts on any Arab American or Muslims in our country. Although, hate crimes rose, and worse than that racial profiling went to an all time high. Many of our Arab Americans who are several generations born to the U.S. have had to either lie about their origins or stand proud for who they are and take the brunt of the stereotype that has befallen on us Americans.
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Unformatted text preview: I’ve read on many different policies regarding change in immigration regarding Arabs, and making it harder for them to come into the U.S. Characteristics orientalism may be that basic stereotype of all those from Asia are a certain way; they are simple and unchanging, it is probably why most people confuse Arabs and Muslims. Hate crimes always happen when one doesn’t understand something else, and when 9/11 happened many people just didn’t understand the culture of these people and were intimidated by the nature of how things were. Best way to promote tolerance is befriending and learning. Learn what their culture is all about, learn the kind of foods they like to eat, share something with them. In the end you’ll learn that you have many things in common....
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