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Race and Ethnicity to me were always somehow mixed together as one thing. Now after doing the reading I understand that they are closely related in some cases but race is more about the appearance of a certain group of people and ethnicity is more about the cultural practices a group has. To me I am intrigued by different cultures and different people, I totally believe that is what makes our world such an interesting place, the diversity and language, food, and the way some cultures have traditions that can go back generations. It is important in American society because our diversity makes our society different. We
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Unformatted text preview: have our labels placed, and we have our prejudices for sure, but America would not be what it is today without our melting pot of cultures, or rainbow of skin color, the caution signs in many languages. America is a country of immigrants, from the beginning the settlers were from all over. In American society many tend to forget that other than the Native Americans our ancestors came across on a ship, some may have came voluntarily, or those of African American decent came as slaves. Regardless if our ancestors came off that boat with chains or no, we all originally came from somewhere else....
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