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Job Opportunities The section I would like to work in, in hospitality is Food and Beverage. With my culinary experience I would bring in along with a degree in Hospitality I would have great knowledge to be able to obtain a great position. I was looking at job listings on and found a position with Marriot International as a Food and Beverage supervisor. With that kind of job I can take both my skills that I have learned and bring it to this position, it’s not a managerial position but still a position with enough room to grow and learn all there is to learn outside what
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Unformatted text preview: I learned in the books at school. This kind of position would bring the two things I enjoy doing best, being among food and being among people and making sure that they are well taken care of and assuring them the best service that they deserve and acquire. I want to go from the back of the kitchen to the front, I want to be with people and enjoy the smile on their faces when they enjoy the food they are eating. I will always love being in the kitchen and cooking, but there are times in life where you have to admit where you best belong and this is that moment for me....
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