Diversity - the service is better and by having a better...

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1 Diversity in Hospitality These days diversity is on the mind of every business owner may it be in hospitality or not. We as those who are involved in hospitality we want to be able to provide for all our guest. Some of the trends that I have seen many hospitality companies are holding diversity courses for their employees for them to better understand the guest that they are to provide services for. The effect of holding these classes for employees is that they are more equipped to help everyone they encounter and are more able to respect their guest, to be able to provide better services. Having a variety in services is also part of hospitality, and party of being a diverse business. The effect that trends in diversity is having on the industry in general is remarkable, in many cases
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Unformatted text preview: the service is better, and by having a better understanding of those coming into your place of business or a better understanding of your employees as well can provide a better environment for everyone to be a productive team. I once worked in an establishment that the dishwasher that we had hired was a Muslim. He had to pray at specific time of day so one day after he had hired him he brought us all out to the dining area and asked the gentleman to explain his customs and why he preformed them, and why he preformed them. It was intriguing and educational and helping in understanding our co-worker. 2...
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Diversity - the service is better and by having a better...

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