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7 - 7 Shlfls In supply or demand 11 The followlng gmph...

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Unformatted text preview: 7. Shlfls In supply or demand 11 The followlng gmph shows the malket for cakes In Halllax. Suppose the price of flour, a major lngredlent In cakes, suddenly Increases. Show the effect of thls change by shlftlng one or both of the curves on the graph below. Tool tlp: Cllck and drag one or both of the ourues. Curves wlll snap into posltlon, so If you try to move the curve and It snaps back ho Its orlglnal posltlon, just try again and dl‘dg It a Iltue rarther‘ Mater PRECE lDoilars parakej PRICE lDollarsnarcakeJ OUAN‘I'ITV [Cakes] OUANYITV [Cakes] ...
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