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DeRuyter_J_ReflectionLetter - Dear Future Students In order...

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Dear Future Students, In order to succeed in ADMG 385 next fall with Professor Durham, there are several tips you should follow. First, make it a point to check the new weekly web module every Monday. There are usually homework assignments or web discussions that need to be completed by Wednesday, and if you wait too late to check what is due you run the risk of completing tasks late. Making it a point to have these assignments done on Monday will save you some grief incase you become too busy the next few days. Another crucial tip would be to begin large papers or assignments right away. Near the end of the term (around week 7) you will be asked to begin a rough draft for an analytical report. This report makes up a large percentage of your final grade, and is required to be between 4 to 6 pages plus a memo and other supporting items. It tends to be very tempting to keep putting it off until the last minute since the final draft is not due until week 9. However, waiting until the last minute to complete such a large assignment can
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