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Information Technology and Administrative Management Department BAS- ITAM ADMG 385 Business Communications and Report Writing Course Syllabus - 5 credits John Durham, Instructor BAS-ITAM Lecturer Office Hours: N/A Phone: N/A CWU E-Mail: Course Description: Develops planning and writing skills for business letters, employment applications, memoranda, and reports. Course Objective : Students must have effective communication skills for success in both their personal and professional lives. Business Communications is designed to develop skills in written and verbal communication so students can become effective and efficient communicators. The outcomes of this course are consistent with the Central Washington University mission, “by teaching we learn,” the College of Education and Professional Studies mission, “to prepare competent professionals and enlightened leaders who will contribute to and influence their respective professions,” and the Department of Administrative Management and Business Education mission, “emphasis is placed on developing leadership, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving competencies.” Prerequisite: Successful completion of English 102 or equivalent and junior standing Learning Objectives: The objectives you will have accomplished by the end of the course include these. Understand the communication process. You will understand the steps in the communication process. Develop a more comprehensive understanding of proper language mechanics, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation as is appropriate for business communication. Decision Making. You will learn how to determine what type of communication to initiate and develop for various business situations. Gain Experience. You will obtain experience applying communication concepts to real-world applications.
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Syllabus - Information Technology and Administrative...

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