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Exercises--Chap. 4 Software Processes Name:Arun Kumar Gattu Sambaiah Seat #3B A. A design activity based on creative thought and existing case systems automate routine activities but attempt to harness artificial intelligence technology to provide support for design. In most organization software engineering is a team activity and software engineers spent lot of time interacting with other team members B. Yes, includes a design process model, notations to represent the design, report formats, rules and design guidelines. No 4.1. a) It is safety-critical that a car’s anti-lock braking system work, so a method based on formal transformations would be the most appropriate here. Partial credit was given for “Incremental” or “Spiral” and smaller partial credit for waterfall model. b) A virtual reality system would be cutting edge and its usability would depend heavily on the quality of its user interface. One would be hard-presses to be able to specify all the requirements in advance of
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