SE assignment 1 - Exercises-Chap. 1 Introduction 1.1. Name:...

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Exercises--Chap. 1 Introduction Name: Arun Kumar Gattu Sambaiah Seat #800439193 1.1. Software is the set of program that is used to execute in a system, we know that software contains one or more applications and here applications is nothing but a program that should execute in a system. But the end-user may or may not belong to this environment and to make easy for the end-user it is appropriate to consider software to be more than the programs. To make clearer let’s consider an example Microsoft Office is software which contains more than one program and it is not a simple program to execute by an end-user where it contains collection of several program that are executed in sequential manner this is nothing but software. 1.2. Generic Software is the General Purpose Software Development for the end-user and it is done to satisfy the need of a particular client. And when compared to Custom Software it is very difficult to design and marketing point of view. But the skills required for the Custom software is very difficult when compared to Generic software. For Generic Software we need imagination for the user requirements, market surveys, customer demands etc. On the other hand Custom Software is the Custom Made Software Development and here we need the face to face interaction with the user. Understanding the needs of the user and analyzing the needs in the
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SE assignment 1 - Exercises-Chap. 1 Introduction 1.1. Name:...

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