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Ch 1 Research Meth king - Chapter 1-King (Part Two) Doing...

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Chapter 1-King (Part Two) Doing Research in Psychology -As discussed in the first part of this lecture, knowledge of Psychology is based upon scientific research and not upon common beliefs. That means, Psychologists approach research same way, as any scientist in Biology, chemistry or other scientific field. Steps of Research 1. Observation When a research is conducted on a certain topic, the starting point is to observe a phenomenon in the world. On the basis of observation, the scientist or researcher is able to explain why a certain phenomenon occurs and what possibly can happen. The phenomenon, the researcher observes is usually referred as Variable. Variable means anything that can change. For example Depression can be observed as a phenomenon. The depression can be considered as variable. That means, the depression may not be the same in every individual. Or, same individual may have different degree of depression on different days. The researcher may be interested in observing, what conditions causes changes in the depression in individual. Under what conditions, an individual is highly depressed and under what condition, the individual is less depressed. Based upon the observations, the researcher develops concepts, ideas. Compiling various concepts and ideas, the researcher is able to develop theory to explain human behavior. 2. Develop Testable Hypothesis A hypothesis is an educated guess or prediction. Whether the guess or prediction is correct or not is tested through research. A new testable hypothesis is proposed after the existing theory is reviewed or the existing concept is extended for further research.
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So, a new testable hypothesis is formulated to predict how one concept is related to another concept. Or a testable hypothesis is proposed to predict how one concept will prove valid or invalid through the research. The word testable hypothesis means, the fact can be defined in observable, measurable terms *For example: The hypothesis could be:“Frustration leads to aggression” The aggression could be measured in terms of Number of times someone hits another person, or engages in violent action . This obtained research data can prove whether this hypothesis is valid or accepted. If the hypothesis is proven valid after the research, the hypothesis is accepted. 3. Testing through empirical research. The researchers explore and plan a design to do a research. To begin the research, the researcher needs to define the variable under research. This definition needs to be operational definition . That means, the researcher provides a description of variable and a method of measurement of that variable. *For example the researchers decide at this stage, whether they should use Survey method to conduct research, or they should conduct research in the laboratory, or perform a case history. The researchers decide what should be the method of collecting scientific data.Providing an operational definition of the variable is very important step in scientific
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Ch 1 Research Meth king - Chapter 1-King (Part Two) Doing...

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