Bio 141-Chapters 123-Take home test

Bio 141-Chapters 123-Take home test - Biology 141 Take Home...

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Biology 141 Take Home Test - Chapters 1 - 3 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. The study of biology is important because it a. provides an understanding of life. b. is essential for humans to understand how organisms survive. c. is the most difficult and comprehensive of the sciences. d. explains the nature of the universe. e. all of these 2. Which is the smallest unit of life that can exist as a separate entity? a. a cell b. a molecule c. an organ d. a population e. an ecosystem 3. A community a. includes all populations of all species in an area. b. features the living organisms interacting with the physical and chemical environment. c. is the sum of all places in Earth's atmosphere, crust, and waters where organisms live. d. includes members of only one species. e. is at a higher level than an ecosystem. 4. The conversion of solar energy to chemical energy is known as a. metabolism. b. photosynthesis. c. chemosynthesis. d. catabolism. e. anabolism. 5. Nonliving entities do NOT possess a. energetic interactions. b. DNA. c. atoms. d. elements. e. any of these 6. Each cell is able to maintain a constant internal environment. This condition is called a. metabolism. b. homeostasis. c. physiology. d. adaptation. e. evolution. 7. Which group includes all of the other groups? a. domain b. order c. family d. genus e. species 8. A mutation is a change in a. homeostasis. b. the developmental pattern in an organism. c. metabolism. d. hereditary instructions. e. the life cycle of an organism. 9. Of the following, which is the first explanation of a problem? (It is sometimes called an "educated guess.") a. principle b. law c. theory d. fact e. hypothesis 10. Which is the smallest unit of an element that retains the properties of the element? a.
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Bio 141-Chapters 123-Take home test - Biology 141 Take Home...

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