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Study Abroad Assignment # 4 Physiological differences For the most part, men have always been bigger and stronger than women. Regardless of size or sex, overall performance levels have recently gone up for both men and women. There are so many supplements, training programs and general health tips to improve performance. There are certain limitations to what men can do and women are eventually going to reach that same limit that men hit. (Cohen 179) Many physiological factors are the reason for the differences in athletic abilities and performance differences between men and women. Hormones, the stuff that made junior high school kids go crazy, are a big reason for a post-pubescent body differences. The estrogen released into the body causes women to develop fatty tissue in certain areas of the body whereas testosterone in the male body causes greater muscle mass. The larger body gives men more of a physical advantage for some sports because of the requirements for sports. (Cohen 181) For example, a bigger body may be better for basketball because of the need for rebounds. The body mass differences between men and
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Hesc assign4 - Study Abroad Assignment 4 Physiological...

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