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President/program Teddy Roosevelt /square deal,3 C’s Taft/dollar diplomacy FDR/New Deal, 3 R’s Harry Truman/Fair Deal, point IV program Woodrow Wilson/New Freedom, 14 points Dwight Eisenhower/domino theory JFK/New frontier LBJ/Great society, head start Richard Nixon/new federalism Gerald Ford/ WIN program Regan/voodoo-economics Court cases Sacco-vanzetti case= 2 immigrants executed b/c of having the same caliber gun that killed the victims Scopes trial-outlawed god in public schools Brown case- no segregated facilities could ever be equal, so they called for integration Plessy v. Ferguson- called for separate but equal facilities. Baker v. carr- the Supreme Court ruled that federal courts have authority to decide lawsuits challenging the fairness of state apportionment. gideon v. wainwright-The court ruled that a state must provide legal counsel for anyone who is accused of a felony and cannot afford a lawyer. Miranda v. Arizona- The court ruled in 1966
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Unformatted text preview: that nothing arrested persons say can be used against them in their trial unless they have been told they have certain rights. Roe v. wade-court could not stop a woman from getting an abortion Bakke case- the court ruled that university admissions policies may not use quotas to achieve racial balance. However, these policies may give special consideration to members of minority groups to achieve variety in a student body. Amendment/description 17 th-people elect senators directly 18 th-prohibition 19 th-gave women right to vote 20 th- leaders of the party choose president of popular vote 21 st- abolishes 18 th amendment, allows alcohol again 22 nd- limited the number of terms a president could serve 23 rd- gave citizens in Washington d.c right to vote 24 th- barred poll taxes 25 th- vice president becomes president if the president is unable to continue for any reason...
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