religion pgs 112-121 - 1 The need to be independent 2 The...

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Bro. Tom p. 08 Pgs. 112-121 I. Peer and parent pressure a. Propaganda systems are easy to decipher than the influences of our friends and family on our opinions. b. Loyalty and affection can get between the truth and us. c. Parents i. I accept and reject things based on what I was taught. ii. “ I say so because the objective facts convinced me.” iii. When adults speak from firsthand experience, they’re usually right because they happened to be there when it happened. iv. When adults speak their opinions we must examine and test their ideas. v. Parents want the best for us, but they shouldn’t be the new improved version of them. vi. Non-interference of parents can also be destructive because if they don’t have guidance, then they can’t have a direction to go. d. Peers i. James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, by Stephen Dedalus. ii. What do u say when someone asks you a question? Tell the truth. iii. Adolescent caught between 2 poles
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The need to be independent. 2. The need to belong. a. They want to form a personally validated identity, a self. iv. When opinions and choices get serious problems arise. v. It becomes self-justifying when they say “everybody knows”, “everybody does”, and “everybody does it.” vi. Once you lie down, you’re never really going to catch up. vii. If you can’t be alone, you can’t be anybody. viii. Eric Fromm tells about 2 types of different men and women: 1. Productive persons. 2. Automaton Conformists. e. Self-possession i. The purpose of adolescence is to form an adult self. ii. “This is what I believe.” iii. Unaware of time or the room: just overwhelming sense of “rightness.” iv. There’s a good person inside of every one of us. v. “Thank God I’m me.” vi. Unless you accept and respect yourself, you’ll never have the confidence to make something of that self....
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religion pgs 112-121 - 1 The need to be independent 2 The...

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