religion pgs. 122-132 - i Rational ii Social iii...

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Bro. Tom p. 08 Pgs. 122-132 I. The meaning of you a. Our nature, what we were born for. b. The American dream tells us we were born to be good little competitors and consumers. c. “ The more things you have, the happier you’ll be.” d. Religion can convince human beings that they are born to follow a set of rules destined to keep you from being unbad. e. If we can discover some purpose in the human mechanism, we can discover what will make us happy II. What will make humans happy? a. “Everything becomes loathsome when one leaves his nature behind and does things that violate it.”- Sophocles b. There are properties that fall into an order, according to the Porphyrean tree. i. Inanimate ii. Vegetative iii. Animal iv. Human c. Animals have brains, humans have wits. d. Oh my God moments are beyond rational. e. Humans have 3 properties:
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Unformatted text preview: i. Rational ii. Social iii. Self-Transcending f. The soul is the abilities to love, understand and deepen each of those g. Money-Fame-Sex-Power do not promise human fulfillment. h. “No human being is perfectible, just endlessly improvable. i. Perfectionism vs. Mediocrity i. Perfectionism asks to much of us. ii. Mediocrity settles for to little of us. iii. “If you can’t be the best, be the worst!” j. Being human calls for us to improve our humanity. k. Moral means acting like a human and treating others as human. l. It has always been immoral to experiment on human beings or to use them as stepping-stones. m. This calls for “natural law”, laws written in the nature of things. n. In the end, knowing and loving are how we gauge our lives....
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religion pgs. 122-132 - i Rational ii Social iii...

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