ss ids - Maize-indian word for corn In 1606, the Virginia...

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In 1606, the Virginia Company received a charter from King James I to make a settlement in the New World Primogeniture-eldest son inherits everything Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) a. Spain secured its claim to Columbus's discoveries b. New World divided: Portugal got Brazil + territory in Africa & Asia; Spanish dominated N. & S. America. c. Spain thus never had access to West African slave trade 6. "Black Legend" : false view held by other Europeans that only Spain "killed for Christ," enslaved Indians, stole their gold, infected them with diseases, and left nothing but misery behind C. Nathanael Greene succeeded in clearing Georgia and S.C. of most British troops 1735 : Zenger Trial – victory for freedom of the press – truth is not libel 1754 - 1763 : The French and Indian War - Over Ohio River Valley – trade / settlement - French build forts – Fort Duquesne – and are friendly with the Indians - English Gov. Dunwittie has stock in Ohio Land Company – sends George Washington to expel the French - British declare war Great Compromise – bi-cameral legislature (equality in Senate, popular in House) 3/5 Compromise Constitution I. House of Representatives – sole power to impeach, bill for revenue Senate – try impeachments Congress – tax, excese, duties, commerce regulation, declare war, raise army II. Executive – commander, make treaties with consent, appoint judges III. Supreme Court – original jurisdication IV. Protection against invasion, domestic and foreign V. 2/3 of both houses to amend constitution Hamilton’s Program – debt is good, tie interests of rich, promote home manufacturing, alliance with Britain Hamilton (Fed) People checked by elite Strong central government National debt British government is model Executive in for life Weak state government Jefferson (Dem-Rep) Government run by people Central government too oppressive and expensive British government corrupt Executive not perpetual Against standing
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ss ids - Maize-indian word for corn In 1606, the Virginia...

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