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Shalley Mr. Anselmo English IV 15 November 2004 The Themes of Dostoyevsky Fyodor Dostoyevsky, born in 1821, would become one of the greatest writers in Russian literature. Fyodor received an education in engineering in St. Petersburg, but decided to follow a literary career. He was a person who wrote how they felt about certain topics, and felt that everyone should know about the government. Dostoyevsky joined the underground group, the Petrashevsky circle, the to bring out the truth in these books, which were forbidden in the public. Through these themes, Dostoyevsky wrote about many topics. Dostoyevsky achieved success with Notes from Underground , a psychological study of a spiritual and intellectual misfit. Dostoyevsky’s greatest success came with four novels that rank among the masterpieces of world literature. Crime and Punishment concerns a student who murders because he imagines himself to be superior to most people, but who cannot face the enormity of his crime. In The Idiot , Dostoyevsky tried to portray a truly good Christian person. The Possessed , also published as The Devils , is a prophetic portrait of Russian revolutionaries. Dostoyevsky’s greatest novel is probably The Brothers Karamazov . It centers on the murder of the evil Fyodor Karamazov and the effect of this crime on each of his four sons” (Crone). Sin, punishment, and atonement were major themes in Dostoyevsky’s writings. He influenced many writers, and writers influenced Dostoyevsky as well: Crime and Punishment is an echo of Anglo-Saxons that predominate: Dickens, but above all Hawthorne, with his themes of sin, punishment, and atonement. Dostoyevsky influenced Poe with his invention of the detective story and his 1
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Shalley researches into the human psyche. In The Brothers Karamazo v there are echoes of all these, but with the addition of Shakespeare and the Germanic influence of Schiller. (Andrzej 91) In many of his stories, people derive from wrong places and come to learn from their mistake and atone. Dostoyevsky uses the underlying theme of the struggle between good and evil over the dominance of a human soul. He attempts to resolve this struggle by leading his characters to salvation through purifying suffering. This is where the theme of Jesus Christ comes into play. Taking regular people, lower class, decrepit, stingy, and outcasts and making them the major part of the story, he strove to show that an ordinary man could play a major part in the role of a book. By doing this he shows that lower class people are the same person on the inside as middle and upper class, but everyone is blinded by all their power and money, so they do not see the upside to people, instead they bring out the worst in people. In
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term papaer - Shalley Mr. Anselmo English IV 15 November...

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