Chapter 14a Homework Assignment 12

Chapter 14a Homework Assignment 12 - E dward Bilder...

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Edward Bilder SPE-7H-1 Chapter 14a Homework Assignment 12 Analyze : “The Hidden World of Chili Peppers” Specific Purpose : To inform the audience on the history and versatility of the chili pepper. Central Idea: Chili peppers have become a world harvest, developed their own flavor rating system system, and have many versatile characteristics from a line of defense in public to their advantages in health and nutrition. Main Points: I. The chili pepper has a long and fascinating history. II. The pleasure and pain involved in eating chili peppers come from a chemical called capsaicin. III.Although chili peppers are prized above all for the flavor they add to food, they have other benefits as well. I really enjoyed this speech. I enjoy chili peppers and found it fascinating to learn about the history and other intellectual facts about the peppers. As the speech progressed I found more and more interesting facts that relate to my experiences with chili peppers. I notice the speaker blended a bit of chronological order with topical order. The speaker began with the history which was obviously chronological order starting from 5,000 years ago in South America to traveling with Christopher Columbus in the 1490’s across the world. What was a little more difficult to pick out was the chronology in the speaker’s topics as the speech progressed. The year 1912
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was mentioned mid-speech, when Wilbur L. Scoville developed a method of heat unit
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Chapter 14a Homework Assignment 12 - E dward Bilder...

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