Gaining Weight - On Gaining Weight, a Manifesto Diet Ok so...

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On Gaining Weight, a Manifesto Diet Ok so here’s the deal with putting on weight. The concept behind it is very simple. All one must do to put on weight is create a caloric surplus, meaning take in more calories than you burn on a daily basis. Well that’s easy enough so why isn’t everyone walking around jacked out of their minds? Well first and foremost, the calories need to be good. Don’t freak out just yet because good food doesn’t mean you need to go buy out the entire stock of tofu and soy products at Whole Foods or anything. Second, it takes work! To create the caloric surplus necessary to put on real, solid, good weight eating will become a task. At times food may lose its appeal, and I’m just putting this up front because it’s true. I LOVE eating and at times the thought of eating another turkey sandwich was enough to gag me. The diet part is tough, and I’m not trying to scare you away, but it’s legitimately 80% of the battle, so crucial, and without it your time in the gym will be better spent in the library. In order for this to work you really need to be committed and make it your passion. So what does the diet look like? It’s a lot of small meals, and I think you can get away with it a fair bit easier in college than I did in high school (in so far as you won’t have to hide foods from teachers or have to mow down a sandwich in 3 mins). I never really calorie counted so you don’t need to dominate your life with that, but I’m going to break down a sample day in the life and give you reasons for why every meal contains what foods it does. Breakfast: 8 eggs (whites preferably) 4 pieces of WHOLE wheat toast (go easy on the butter) Glass of grape juice Ok so those are the foods; now why THOSE foods. The eggs are pretty self- explanatory. They’re just a great source of protein. You can really go with anything for protein choice here though (low fat cottage cheese, chicken breast… I used to pre-make these every week, ham, etc. just try to make sure it’s lean). The toast is also pretty self- explanatory. It’s a good source of complex carbohydrates. That means it will take a while to break down and it sets the foundation for your energy stores for the rest of the day. Make sure it is WHOLE wheat bread, not the processed garbage. Processed wheat bread might as well be white wonder bread which might as well be cake that doesn’t taste good. The grape juice is special because it contains a sugar called dextrose which is the most basic sugar you can take in (I’m going to drop a little biochem knowledge on you so bear with me). Sugars come in various forms and they are not all created equally. I’m going to start with the most complex and move down from there. First you have your starches.
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Gaining Weight - On Gaining Weight, a Manifesto Diet Ok so...

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