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Shifts in the Market Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Note: The following is an excerpt from Gail Osten’s interview with Brett Steenbarger in the March, 2003 issue of Stock, Futures, and Options (SFO) magazine entitled “The Windmills of Your Mind and the Pathway to Your Trades”. The entire interview can be accessed at . Brett Steenbarger : That’s where being a psychologist is helpful to trading. It’s because there is a large element of pattern recognition in both. The trader who’s immersed in the market gets enough exposure to different patterns so that, over time, they can internalize those. It’s very much the same working with a person in therapy. There are certain patterns that occur both for individual clients and across clients that an experienced therapist becomes very sensitive to. And, so, when I’m listening to a person talk in therapy, I’m picking up on small cues: shifts in their tone of voice, shifts in the topics that they’re discussing, shifts in their posture—all of these are signals that have
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