The Dream - future price movement. I also recalled Rothkos...

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The Dream Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. It was only a brief dream, but it kept me fading in and out of sleep for quite a while during the night. I dreamt that I was looking at bars on a stock chart. They looked a bit like candlestick bars, but were shaded in colorful ways. The colors were different on the top and bottom of each bar, and the shading was subtly different within each color field. It struck me that the bars were actually Rothko paintings depicting stock price movement. I had the strongest sense that the shading within the bars was the key to understanding
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Unformatted text preview: future price movement. I also recalled Rothkos insistence that his paintings were not about experiences, but were experiences. I knew that Rothko would want me displaying the charts large and at eye level, to immerse myself in the color fields. When I woke, I felt that I had dreamt something significant. One of my first waking thoughts was that there was a similarity between Rothkos work and Philip Glass music something I hadnt contemplated before....
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