The Mindset of the Successful Trader

The Mindset of the Successful Trader - The Mindset of the...

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The Mindset of the Successful Trader Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Note: The following is an excerpt from Gail Osten’s interview with Brett Steenbarger in the March, 2003 issue of Stock, Futures, and Options (SFO) magazine entitled “The Windmills of Your Mind and the Pathway to Your Trades”. The entire interview can be accessed at . Gail Osten : Talk to me about how traders can advance their trading by focusing on what they are doing right. It seems that most traders are looking at what they’re doing wrong. Perhaps you can also touch on journaling a bit. Brett Steenbarger : The idea of solution-focused therapy is that you examine what you’re doing when you are moving toward your goals. When you are achieving your goals, what are you doing? What is working for you? You want to identify that so you can do more of it—so you can keep doing what works for you. And I think that principle applies to trading—that you can learn quite a bit from your most successful trades. In the
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