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Soil Vapor Extraction - United States Environmental...

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United States Office of Solid Waste and EPA 542-F-01-006 Environmental Protection Emergency Response April 2001 Agency (5102G) A Citizen’s Guide to Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging ? EPA uses many methods to clean up pollution at Superfund and other sites. If you live, work, or go to school near a Superfund site, you may want to learn more about cleanup methods. Perhaps they are being used or are proposed for use at your site. How do they work? Are they safe? This Citizen’s Guide is one in a series to help answer your questions. The water table is the level of groundwater below the ground surface. What are soil vapor extraction and air sparging? Soil vapor extraction or SVE removes harmful chemicals, in the form of vapors , from the soil above the water table. Vapors are the gases that form when chemicals evaporate. The vapors are extracted (removed) from the ground by applying a vacuum to pull the vapors out. Air sparging uses air to help remove harmful vapors from polluted soil and groundwater below the water table. When air is pumped underground, the chemicals evaporate faster, which makes them easier to remove. Like SVE, a vacuum then extracts the vapors. Certain chemicals—like solvents and fuel—evaporate easily. SVE and air sparging work best on these types of chemicals. SVE and air sparging are often used at the same time to clean up both soil and groundwater. How do they work?
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Soil Vapor Extraction - United States Environmental...

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