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Midterm is Monday, Oct 4 and will cover quizzes 1-5, homeworks 1-4 (bring a calculator and show all work in calculation problems, including conversions) and many of the following concepts (be able to define, discuss, compare and give examples): Unit 1: Introduction to Environmental Soil Chemistry point and non-point source pollution three general approaches to soil decontamination various decontamination methods plant nutrients as contaminants and their behavior in the soil NO 3 -N vs NO 3 and EPA limits for each Unit 2: Inorganic Components of soil Primary vs secondary minerals 1:1 and 2:1 phyllosilicate characteristics and properties ( not mineral formulas) Differentiation of layer silicate minerals Other inorganic component characteristics and properties ( not mineral formulas) Layer charge calculation and balancing that charge with interlayer cations (M
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Unformatted text preview: + vs M +2 ) Isomorphous substitution, layer charge and pH dependant (variable) charge Unit 3: Soil Organic Matter Humic vs nonhumic substances properties of soil organic matter Benefits or effects of soil organic matter on soil properties surface functional groups present on humus pools of carbon on Earth carbon sequestration in soils (inorganic and organic) anything discussed in class through Friday, Oct 1. Exam will be closed book and closed notes and designed to take 50 minutes or less. If you need special accommodations, let me know by Friday, Oct 1 at 1 pm otherwise I can’t help you. Note: any formulas, atomic weights, valences, etc will be provided if needed but you should know how to use them and what the various parameters mean....
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