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C.P. 8.1 1. Motions behind him. (Last Week) 2. He was on Vacation. 3. Slept in, read the paper, went shopping, and ate. 4. Linearly. 5. “I'll show you”. 6. Shifts side to side when asking about like/dislike. 7. By him waving the other guy off, and be his demeanor and repetition in the response. C.P. 8.2 1. He next week he wants to arrive and leave work earlier. 2. His son has a soccer game at 5. 3. Moves the sign for day, across his body. 4. Arrive at 7, leave at 4. 5. Morning and Evening. C.P. 8.3 1. “Last weekend was busy”. 2. Went to the movies. Roger. 3. Cleaned. Boring.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Went do dinner with his parents at UNO. 5. Went to church at 9:30am. 6. Went home, read the paper, and relaxed. C.P. 8.4 1. Taps him on the hand and says, “Excuse me”. 2. Is there a movie theater. Because she doesn't know the city. 3. He doesn't go. 4. He shows the sign “to ask” going from the person who needs to know, to the person who knows. 5. Three showings at: 4:15, 6:30, 10:20. 6. So she can meet people. 7. 3 blocks away. 8. She signs it in the direction of where the sign would be....
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