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Review Sheet –Math 202-Test 3 Chapter 14 1. Be able to reverse the differentiation process and find anti-derivatives and indefinite integrals through rules summarized on page 625 and 638. Recognize that indefinite integrals involve the inclusion of a constant. Be able to reverse a differentiation that involved the chain rule through use of substitution. Be able to use algebraic techniques to rewrite functions in a form more easily integrated. Such techniques include: o Multiplication of factors; o Moving a constant into or out of an integral; o Breaking a rational expression of the form c b a + into separate fractions of the form c b c a + or divide a polynomial denominator into the numerator and integrate the quotient and remainder (stated as a fraction). o Use of the exponential relationship a = e ln a . 2. Be able to find a specific anti-derivative when given a general anti-derivative and information that leads to identification of the constant. 3.
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