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poli sci notes 11.9.2007

poli sci notes 11.9.2007 - 11.9.2007 Countries do not...

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11.9.2007 - Countries do not always act in their crass, material self-interest o For example: Art theft Sovereign debt enforcement Chemical weapons taboo Military equipment purchases Human rights laws and enforcement - Community: people (and countries as well) like to feel as though they are part of a group o A group of people With a common social identity (they have similar ideas about how people should act) Who recognize each other as members (they can tell who is like them and who is not) o Examples of communities: GW students Americans Lutherans Battlestar Galactica fans o Logic of consequences: Choosing actions based on an anticipation of the results Example: o Bomb Iran—to preserve leverage in the region o Don’t bomb Iran—for fear of reciprocals o Logic of appropriateness: Choosing actions based on a sense of right and wrong Bomb Iran—because it has committed transgressions Don’t bomb Iran—because violence is wrong -
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