political science discussion notes 10.12.2007

political science discussion notes 10.12.2007 - o Hamas...

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10.12.2007 - Cobra II o First part is a chronicle of events that led up to the Iraq war o Significant discussion of Donald Rumsfeld’s role Wanted smaller number of troops, often at odds with military personnel Believed in the past that we always had more troops then we needed o Colin Powel’s doctrine o Saddam’s plan was mostly “misdirection” o US had such a poor response to the amount of opposition they met in Iraq Why didn’t Saddam take the deal and go to Uzbekistan and live out his luxurious life, why did he choose to sit in a spider hole hiding? Filtering o Saddam only accepted what he wanted to hear Force readiness - Dying to Win o Compiles a list of all suicide attacks from 1980-2004 o Bases his research off that group of suicide attacks 3 common traits Almost always part of larger campaigns of suicide attacks Almost always trying to expel people from land they believe belongs to them
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Unformatted text preview: o Hamas, hezzbollah, etc. Demonstrative terrorism: publicity stunt in a way, generally designed to draw attention to a cause • Usually geared to kill as few people as possible, but draw the most attention possible Destructive terrorism: to destroy, to cause chaos and destruction Suicide terrorism: take your own life to kill as many people as you can • No need for an escape route • 3 bases of support o Strategic logic: political basis for the attack o Social logic: community support that the terrorists get o Individual logic: why someone would take their own life for a cause o Terrorism attacks has gone down since 1980 but the rate of suicide terrorism has gone up o Coercion—suicide terrorism is their most important tool for coercion -For the midterm o Origins of WWI, Iraq War (Gulf War) o Terms o DO ALL THE READINGS!!! THEY WILL BE ON THE TEST!!!...
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political science discussion notes 10.12.2007 - o Hamas...

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