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political science notes 9.7.2007

political science notes 9.7.2007 - 9.7.2007 Why is there so...

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9.7.2007 - Why is there so much peace in the world? o Most countries are at peace most of the time - Conflict vs. Violence o Conflict is a situation where people have different goals. Conflict is a situation in which two or more parties cannot simultaneously be ideally satisfied o “In war, the aggressor is always peace-loving; he would prefer to take over our country unopposed.” – von Clausewitz o Violence is a means to an end o Rarely, if ever, unhanded itself Violence is a tool to achieve a certain outcome - Forces vs. Coercion o Force: a direct application of violence o Coercion: threats and promises in order to induce a target to behave in a certain way - Carl von Clausewitz (1780- 1831) o Prussian o Helped negotiate alliance against Napolean o Directed Prussian War College - A formal definition of violence o Costly effort It takes effort to use violence Time and energy could be put to other use o Destroys things that people value or causes pain
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