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Bush Personality Paper Neustadt copy - 17:42:00 ← Bush...

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Unformatted text preview: 30/11/2008 17:42:00 ← Bush Personality ← ← “This thing ain’t over. We’re gonna fight, okay? Don’t let ‘em smell defeat when you walk out there. People are gonna read your body language.” Bush on the primary loss in New Hampshire before a statement was going out. ← ← “You don’t ever get over losing,” George W. Bush replied to a friend that lost in a congressional race. He’s a competitor by nature. 37 ← ← “But see, I’ve never had a fear of losing, I didn’t like to lose.” 36 ← ← The governor was not the passive recipient- his “useful impatience” (as one participant would put it) ever on display, rather delighting in his ability to outwit the brainiacs, drilling down to profound simplicity with questions like, “What do we have an army for, anyway?” and never letting these Big-Thinkers forget who was in charge. -57 ← ← The president often described this fidelity to schedule as a courtesy bestowed on others. “Whether it’s John McCain or an average citizen, they shouldn’t be kept waiting,” he would say. When candidate Bush first received Secret Service protection and arrived for a campaign event in Florida, it dismayed him to see the miles of blocked-off streets, just as he hated to hear old ladies at the rope line greet him with, I waited five hours in the sun just to get a chance to shake you hand! Was any of this really necessary? He would ask his staff. -106 ← ← Bush moved through his schedule with type A vengeance. He was restless and he hungered to compete. For a man thought to be leisurely, he seemed forever to be racing the clock. He did not eat a meal so much as disappear it. Eighteen holes of golf- why not make it a contest of speed as well as skill? George W. Bush always did. IT seemed a point of pride to him that he ould arrive at a finish line-any finish line-faster than the next guy. And if he there was no other guy, only him…well, get it over with regardless.-106 ← ← One of the senators explained that not everyone had arrived. ← “Well, why aren’t they?” the president demanded. ← “I’m not sure, sir. Maybe traffic’s bad.” Or maybe-though no one said it aloud- they had become accustomed to Clinton keeping them waiting for a half hour or more. ← Bush said, “Let’s start. Next time they’ll know not to be late.”-107 ← ← ← “We’re not talking about public opinion,” he snapped. “I’m trying to figure out what the right thing to do is.” But since no easy answer was forthcoming, he proceeded to the right thing to do is....
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Bush Personality Paper Neustadt copy - 17:42:00 ← Bush...

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