Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3 The creation of the electoral college...

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Chapter 3 The creation of the electoral college was because the framers wanted to protect the president’s independence, while having a technically sound, politically efficacious electoral system that would be consistent with a republican form of government. In the event that on one received a majority, the House of Representatives would choose from among the five candidates with the most electoral votes, with each state delgation casting one vote. The Senate was to determine the vice president should there be a tie for second place. The Electoral College works to the benefit of the largest states (those with over fourteen votes) and the smallest (those with less than four votes). For most people, party identification operates as a conceptual filter, providing for cues for interpreting the issues, for judging the candidates, and deciding how to vote. The stronger this identification, the stronger the cues. The more restrictive it is to register to vote in a state, the lower the turnout there
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