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Unit 6 Reading 1 Edwards and Wayne Chapter 8 (The Psychological Presidency) Intro: The intro speaks about how Presidents are people as well, and their personality drives also drives their agenda while in office. The book says “Whether presidents are successful in the leadership role they choose to pursue depends in large part on the fit between their personality and the public mood, on their capacity to influence people and shape events, and on their ability to make the right choices and avoid problems and decisions that can be deal with by others.” All of those things link directly back to the president’s personality. Qualifications for Office: This section lists another reason for the Electoral College: they hoped those Electors would take into consideration the nominee’s character. One reason why the framers in Philadelphia did not have a long list of qualifications for the office was because they believed character came from personality, not position. Instead, they only said he must be a natural born citizen of the United States, have lived in the US for 14 years, and be at least 35 years old. Social and Political Background: “American Presidents have not been typical Americans”. They have been at an advantage because of their wealth, professional positions they have held, and contacts they have. Most have been born into wealthy families hat lead to better education, and more opportunities. Even though many claim that they had humble beginnings, only Calvin Coolidge, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan have actually suffered from poverty in their youth. There is also now a requirement that people be good with communications. There is no evidence to say that presidents socio-economic backgrounds have contributed to the success of their presidency. Physical Attributes and General Health Mental and Physical health is important because it has a direct effect on a president’s job performance. If his mental health is not in good standing, then that can affect his ability to listen to other’s opinions and pursued people of his. If he is not in good physical health then he might not be able to stand the rigors of the office. Presidents usually downplay any health issues because they don’t want the public talking about that, rather than what he wants them to be talking about (Their policies). Stress can also weaken a president’s immune system. Presidents are older than most Americans, and old age takes its toll on people’s health. Psychological Orientation It is not easy to see how personality affects the job that the president does because you can only observe certain things about personality. It is very hard to code for personality. There are things called psychobiography which explains presidential behavior on the basis of a comprehensive psychological analysis of a president’s life. There is another way that tries to find similarities in presidents and see how their choices and success in office compare. In Barber’s book The Presidential Character
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Everything - Unit 6 Reading 1 Edwards and Wayne Chapter 8...

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