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George W Bush Paper Outline

George W Bush Paper Outline - Personality Optimistic...

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Personality Optimistic- Throughout its investigation in 2006, the group me with Bush on several occasions. They found him engaged but far more upbeat than the realities in Iraq seemed to warrant….It occurred to one member of the group that the president did not so much want to hear their views as “convince us that we should be writing a report that would reflect his views.” -402 It was his view, as Rice would later tell a visitor, that “this is a time when the U.S. has unparalleled power and you can try and sit on it and husband it and use a little bit here and a little bit there…or you can try and make big strategic plays that will fundamentally alter things in the way that the U.S. did after 1947.” -166 Competitor -“But see, I’ve never had a fear of losing, I didn’t like to lose.” 36 Will this play any role in your paper? I don’t see it being significant. Vision Thing - Small ball was like a pathogen to which his immune system provided no defense. “Government should do a few things, and do them right.” 294-295 Is this why the electrical grid went so long before Bush had to address it? Decision-Making Refusal to Compromise George W. Bush leaned across the table that separated them, “We’re going to say $1.6 trillion,” he replied. “And we’re going to keep saying $1.6 trillion. And we’re not going to back off. And we’re not going to talk about compromising. And we’re going to piss some people off. And eventually we may have to back off of the $1.6 trillion. But the longer we say it, the less we’ll end up having to back off.” -120 Stem-cell research. The day before his speech, Bush also avoided becoming the first president in modern times not to exercise his veto power. The bill he chose to veto pushed the envelope on embryonic stem-cell research. The public largely favored such research. But Bush had come up with his formulation in the summer of 2001- research on existing stem lines only- and was sticking to it…and , in so doing, he avoided another revolt from the base. Katrina
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“And later that afternoon, a FEMA advance man named Marty Bahamonde bootlegged a helicopter, shot aerial photographs of New Orleans’ multitude of underwater neighborhoods, and then placed a phone call to his boss, Mike Brown, who pledged to notify the White House right away.
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George W Bush Paper Outline - Personality Optimistic...

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