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Going Public - Going Public-Kernell Book It is when the...

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Going Public-Kernell Book It is when the President goes over Congress’ head and straight to the public via the media. It is a strategy for implementing the president’s agenda. The idea is to garner public opinion behind him so that Congress will succumb in fear that they may lost during reelection. It is the opposite of Neustadt’s strategy! Going public is a strategy to pressure Congress to implement the President’s agenda. Kernell said this is what President’s do. Another approach is to make unilateral moves through your power with executive orders or negotiating with the legislature. There has been a shift from versus institutionalized pluralism to Individualized pluralism . The former was what was kind of happening for the Neustadt model. This meant a small number of fixed, stable, groups. Bargaining and negotiating is much easier since you know you only have to talk to the party leader hypothetically and a few other people. The latter, individualized pluralism
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