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“Groupthink refers to a deterioration of moral and mental testing when pressured by a group” Groups are typically very cohesive and members of the group have a fear of being ostracized. Some important decisions can be given to groups. – Security decisions, National Security Council, Council of Economic Advisors, juries in the court of law. We delegate these decisions to a group so that one individual is not making a choice. Groups tend to conform to their own norms. This can sometimes mean that the majority of a group may try to pressure the outsiders to conform. Or it can lead to kick dissidents out of the group or isolating them. Isolation was what happened to Colin Powell on Iraq. The story about how Groupthink was discovered . Bay of Pigs Fiasco in 1960 was when a CIA-lead operation trained exiles to overthrow Castro. They all land on the beach and completely fail. 1,200 of them die. This was a huge disaster for the United States and was a tremendous embarrassment. In response, President
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