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Keep Hope Alive - Keep Hope Alive Dear Meat-head: Contrary...

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Keep Hope Alive Dear Meat-head: Contrary to what you may believe, President-elect Obama will be able to implement his agenda. I make this claim not because he holds special powers. Instead, I argue this because he has the ability to go public, issue executive orders, politicize the bureaucracy, veto legislation, utilize fast-track authority, issue signing statements and a few other methods to circumnavigate Congress. modern Presidents have found a way to circumvent the obstacles that exist. The first method is to “ go public ” as Kernell would say. This is when the President goes over Congress’ head and straight to the public via the media. The idea is to garner public opinion behind him so that Congress will succumb in fear that they may lost during reelection. The only problem with this tactic is that it constrains options for the President to maneuver. Furthermore, the ability to do perform this strategy is decreasing According to Baum, nobody is watching the president as they are busy consuming other programming on television. This tactic should be utilized sparingly. Executive orders also help the president circumvent Congress. Executive orders 12291 and 12498 specifically controlled some of the regulations that Congress tried to impose on Executive agencies. This is known as regulatory clearance. But it is crucial to keep in mind there are few explicit powers granted to the president in the U.S. constitution. This was done to prevent a monarch-like president. These include the director of military operations as commander in chief, to make treaties with a two-thirds Senate vote, give a state of the union address, and make appointments with the consent of Congress (Constitution). Essentially, in order to make moves within the Presidency he must rely on
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Keep Hope Alive - Keep Hope Alive Dear Meat-head: Contrary...

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