Skowronek-Presidential Leadership

Skowronek-Presidential Leadership - Skowronek-Presidential...

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Skowronek-Presidential Leadership Looking within these pairs, we can identify performance challenges that are shared by leaders who addressed the political system at a similar juncture. Looking across the apirs, we observe an ever more tenuous leadership situation, an ever more constricted universe of political action, and an ever more superficial penetration of the political system. Andrew Jackson won a plurarlity of votes in 1824 and was screwed over by an alliance between John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay. The Adams administration was engulfed by conspiracy and intrigue. Roosevelt was coming into office in 1932 as the Great Depression was continuing, citing Republican incompetence frequently. The two things listed above…these presidents had the opportunity to set a new course in public policy and to redefine the terms of national political debate. They captured the experience of being first. President as regime builder grapples with the fundamentals of political regeneration- institutional reconstruction and party building. President Jackson vetoed the bank rechartering to mark the transition. Jsackson said his stand would extricate the federal government from the interests of the privileged and protect the states from encroaching federal domination. When Jackson won his reelection bid on that veto, it drove him deeper into the
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Skowronek-Presidential Leadership - Skowronek-Presidential...

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