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Stay-Tuned Essay The White House Staff structure has a lot to do with this. The competitive model is one in which diverse groups and personalities coexist, and jurisdictions are overlapping. The pros of the competitive model is that here is a lot of information. On any given topic you may have ten groups working on something. Additionally, each group has an incentive to do the best since having a paper chosen or a policy made may allow a staffer to move up. A lot of creativity happens in this process. The cons of such a model are that burnout is high and people have a difficult time dealing with such an atmosphere. Also, a great deal of time and energy is spent by the president under such a structure, but it will certainly leave him more informed. Bill Clinton employed a model like this, as he would spent three to four times as much time as George W. Bush in putting together his budget. The Formalistic - Hierarchical model is like the military in structure. Conflict is strongly discouraged and loyalty is rampant. The pros of this model are that it is efficient, and far less time-consuming on President. The con to this model is that the information can be exceptionally low as it makes its way to the President. An example of this model is George W. Bush’s administration. As a result of the organization Bush employs he is often not involved with several decisions let alone presented with information regarding them (Draper). President Bush has a great deal of confidence in the people working around him. Collegial Staff - In this staff model there are a lot of teams and consequently overlapping tasks. Within each team there are a lot of generalists, or people that know a lot about everything, but not many specialists. The pros of this model are that teamwork is high, and people typically feed off that to make for a happier environment! A con is that that information is medium in nature, better than the formalistic model and worst than the competitive. Another con is that the model can be more prone to groupthink. There are not as many safeguards against groupthink because at least in the competitive model, although a small group or
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StayTuned - Stay-Tuned Essay The White House Staff...

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