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Representation Essay - Corey Cohen Sides September 25th...

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Corey Cohen Sides September 25 th 2008 I. Representation, what is it? Representation is a concept that makes government possible. In a world of nation- states where it’s feasible for hundreds of millions of people to live under one code of law, it is necessary to have leaders who set policy and speak on behalf of certain sects within society. The reason being is twofold. For one, without representation, there would be anarchy and consequently human progress would be slowed. Secondly, direct political participation is simply impossible when dealing with so many people, not to mention unwise when considering how many may be uninformed about the issues. While the term has taken on different forms in human history, in the American political system it embodies the desire for citizens to have equal voices in their respective governments. The ability to vote for someone who shares common values fulfills the essence of representation. The idea is that that representative will set an agenda that is in tune with that of the voter’s. The American Revolution enforced a notion that if a government-in their case Great Britain- is to be the true arbiter of political goods it must do so by accurately typifying those who are apart of its system. But according to representation in liberal thought, the official should serve the public good as defined by the public itself. It is the method at which the public itself is counted that formulates a degree of debate in political circles. I. Representation in the American political system: The Need for Alteration Electoral representation, on the grounds that people vote in their own self-interest, is the insurance that prevents bad people from holding power in government. The controversy depends on whether the voter is being accurately typified in America’s political system. In order for each person in a political system to be properly represented
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Corey Cohen Sides September 25 th 2008 his or her vote needs to mean something. Smaller parties currently have little say in the
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Representation Essay - Corey Cohen Sides September 25th...

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