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Physics 7A Sample Quiz 1 Summer I 2009 1 7A Sampl e Quiz 1 No book s or no t e . Cal c ula or OK Show all your work b low An w r alon do no ece iv di ! 1) A glass of ice-water is a mixture of ice cubes and water that has a temperature of 0 C. If you set this glass on a table outside on a warm humid summer day you see that drops of water form on the outside surface of the glass. Analyze this situation by explaining the relevant heat transfers and energy changes using energy-interaction diagrams as necessary. Remember that air has water vapor in it which is why the air is called “humid”. Som e thought s (you s till n ee d to fill thi s in with a c ompl e t e di s c u ss ion of all e n e rgy c hang e s and an e n e rgy-int e ra c tion diagram but thi s may h e lp you) 1) Th e air i s warm e r than th e i ce -wat e r mixtur e s o h e at will b e tran s f e rr e d by th e air to th e i ce - wat e r . 2) Air ha
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