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Physics 7A Sample Quiz 2 Summer I 2009 1 Dennis’ Mr. Wilson’s Compressed toys Thoughts about 7A Sample Quiz 2 1) Dennis and his neighbor Mr. Wilson are playing with jumping frog toys. To make the toys work, Dennis and Mr. Wilson push the frogs down, compressing the spring as shown. Then they release the frogs, and the springs push the frogs up into the air. The spring in Dennis’ toy has a spring constant that is two times larger than that of Mr. Wilson’s toy, but Dennis lets Mr. Wilson compress his spring twice as far. The frogs begin at the same height (see picture). For each question below, circle your answer and explain why it is the best answer. Note: Circled answers without explanations will receive very little to no credit. 2) You and your friends are getting ready to try out some water slides (super-smooth frictionless ones) that have the shapes shown below. Ben says he would like to try the bumpy one (slide B) because he won’t be going as fast at the bottom.
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