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Physics 7A Sample Quiz 4 Summer I 2009 1 7A Sample Quiz 4 Thoughts (really almost a complete solution) No books or notes. Calculators OK. Show all your work below. Answers alone do not receive credit! 1) 0.5 moles of water vapor at T = 900˚C are contained in the cylinder shown to the right by a piston which keeps the gas pressure at a constant 1 atmosphere all the time. This cylinder is then placed on top of a block of copper (1 mole of copper atoms) which is initially at T = 500˚C. Use the models that we have learned this quarter to estimate the final temperature of the copper after you have waited long enough for the two substances to come to equilibrium. Take the heat capacity of the container and piston to be negligible and the entire system to be thermally insulated from the environment (so no heat is transferred from the environment but, of course, the pressure is held constant by something in the environment so there may be work energy transferred from or to the environment). Facts given or assumed (specify which)
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