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Exam 1 Review Sheet - AGED 260 Exam 1 Fall 2010 Review...

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AGED 260 Exam 1 Fall 2010 Review Sheet Relational Leadership Model- Article by Komives What is the definition of relational leadership? Consciously examing your thoughts, feelings, and actions allows you to continues to learn and grow both as aleader and as a human being What are the five key elements of the relational leadership model? Purposeful, inclusive, empowering, ethical, process How does the relational leadership model and definition relate to the definition of leadership by Northouse? Relational and ethical process of people together attempting to accomplish positive change What is the main focus or theme of this article? That leadership is a process and involves change Chapter 1-Northouse-Introduction Why does the word “leadership” have a variety of definitions? People conceptualize leadership diffently. Some view leadership as the focus of group processes, a personality perspective, an act or behavior, a skills percpecive, an What is the definition of leadership used in the Northouse text? A processes whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal 1
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What factors play a role in leadership emergence? Communication behaviros, verbal involvement, being informed, seeking others' opinions, being firm but not rigid What are the five types of power identified by French and Raven? What do they mean? Referent, Expert, Legitimate, Reward, Coercive What are the differences and similarities between management and leadership? Even though both are essential for an organizationto prosper, management prodcues order and cosistency by palnning, organizing, and problem solving. While leadership produces a change and movement through establ. Direction, align'n people, motivating. Managers have unidirctional authority (reactive, low emotionol involvement, prefer to work with people on problem solving). Leaders have multidirectional influence( emotionally involved, change people's perception, expand available options What is the difference between assigned leadership and emergent leadership? Assigned leadership based on occupying apostion within an organization(team leaders, directiors, managgers). Emergent is an individual precieved by others as the most influential member of a group or organization regardless of title. He emerges over time through communication behaviors. What is the definition of “coercion”? Actof compelling by force of authority who had capacitite to panalize. Reflection and Leadership Describe Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle. How is this cycle useful to developing leaders?
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Exam 1 Review Sheet - AGED 260 Exam 1 Fall 2010 Review...

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