Midterm 1 Review

Midterm 1 Review - Keywords Albedo - An object reflecting...

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Keywords Albedo - An object reflecting light from the sun. Bright objects reflect more light. Couplings – All components or reservoirs in the Earth system are linked so changes in one effect processes operating in another. Negative and Positive feedbacks – Roundtrip circulation of 2 couplings. Negative – Change in 1 direction leads to events that reverse the change. Positive – Change in 1 process promotes change in the same direction. Ekman spiraling – Structure of currents or winds where flow direction rotates as one moves away from boundary. Results in coriolis effect, where it rotates right in north and left in south. Oceanic conveyor belt – High density water masses sink at the polls. Redistributes heat globally. Wind-driven circulation modifies sea surface temperature. Latent heat of evaporation – The ‘pump’ the keeps circulation going. Circulation in atmospheric cells at the equator and low latitudes is initiated by surface heating in the tropical oceans. Intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) – Center of Earth. Area of meeting trade winds. Between 23.5 N and S. Subtropical highs – Poleward moving air pressure sinks 10-30 degrees N and S of the equator, replacing the air moved eastward by the ITCZ. Air is dry. Horse latitudes – Subtropic latitudes between 30 and 35 N and S. Receives little precipitation and has variable winds mixed with calm. Convective tower clouds –
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Midterm 1 Review - Keywords Albedo - An object reflecting...

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