Midterm 2 Review

Midterm 2 Review - GEL 10 Midterm#2 Study Guide Concepts...

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GEL 10 Midterm#2 Study Guide May 17, 2009 Concepts: • how the ocean sweeps out excess atmospheric CO and ocean acidification The ocean sweeps out excess atmospheric CO2 and ocean acidification through continuous exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere and the surface ocean water. Once the atmospheric CO2 dissolves in ocean water, it rapidly breaks down into a chemical chain reaction that releases hydrogen atoms to the sea water. But not enough CO2 is in the water so the ocean has to dissolve shells to get its supply of carbonate. The main processes that have controlled atmospheric CO and O levels on Earth through geologic time (or “the long-term CO sweeper”). 2 cycles: Carbonate-silicate subcycle and organic carbon subcycle. Carbon-silicate subcycle basically is silicate weathering that is buried as limestone, which stores the CO2 for millions of years. The organic carbon subcycle consumes O2 and produces CO2 through oxidation of organic matter. Also land plants is an effective sweeper of CO2. How biological processes cycle carbon through the atmosphere and ocean/land The biological pump works in addition to control atmospheric CO2 levels: photosynthesis by plants on land and in the oceans removes CO2 from the atmosphere, and bacterial decay or restoration by animals returns CO2 to the atmosphere. What primary processes control carbon cycling on the long-term Silicate weathering and the organic carbon burial and weathering. The nature and potential of natural C “sinks” for sequestering excess
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Midterm 2 Review - GEL 10 Midterm#2 Study Guide Concepts...

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