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Sociology Review - Adam Treboutat Sociology Review Define:...

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Adam Treboutat Sociology Review Define : Sociological Imagination – C.W. Mills’s term that refers to the ability to imagine and understand the intersection between personal biography and historical social structures. Imagining that every individual's life is given meaning, form and significance within historically specific cultures and ways of organizing social life. Personal trouble – Problems of individuals other than the norm. Public issue – If there are enough people that have the same personal trouble. Microsociology – Concerns itself with the nature of everyday human social interactions. Mesosociology – Lies between large-scale macro forces such as the economy or human societies and everyday human social interaction and includes communities, organizations, race, ethnicity, gender, age, income. Macrosociology – Analyzes societies, social systems or populations on a large scale. Structure and agency – Social structure is patterned or recurrent relationships between people. Ex: The teacher and the student are a structure where the student sits and listens and the teacher stands and talks. Agency is the ability to participate in or challenge structure. Ex: Challenge authority as teacher and write something off topic that student thinks is better. But if all students collectively changed writing the teacher would have to change standards. Social location – An individual is shaped by society through their location in society and their family life etc. Industrial Revolution – Change in social thinking through changes in machinery through three main people: Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, and Max Weber. False consciousness –
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Sociology Review - Adam Treboutat Sociology Review Define:...

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